Small Pool's Waterfall
Small pool with two waterfalls
Small pool with 2 waterfalls
Close up of water coming out of large rock
Close up of water coming out of rock. A hole was drilled from the top of the rock to below ground level so that water appears to be coming out of rock.

Close up of waterfall July 10, 2004
Close up of large pool & waterfall.
We have two pools with waterfalls. We built the small pool first. A few years later, we built the large pool and waterfall. Cape Ann has wonderful rocks to use for landscaping.
July 10, 2004

Water flowing over rocks into Circle garden's small pool
Nate Stacey Anna by small pool
Nate, Stacey & Anna enjoy small pool September 2005

Water soothes the soul....

Flowers by Waterfall Pool
Flowers by large pool showing trunk of Silk tree
July 18, 2004
Large waterfall January 2006
Large waterfall January 2006
Small watefall January 2006
Small waterfall January 2006
Baby Albizzia Julibrissin

Our beautiful Chinese silk tree that arched over the waterfall for 14 years died in the cold winter of 2003-2004. In August of 2004 I noticed a Chinese Silk tree seedling growing beside the dead tree. I put a clear plastic cup around it so that I wouldn't pull it up as a weed. Look at the picture of this tree taken in October, 2005! The red watering can is sitting on the stump of the old silk tree shown at left.

August 2004
Chinese Silk Tree Oct 2005
October 2005