Judy's vacation to Albuquerque New Mexico's Hot Air Balloon Festival Fall 2003
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Pre Dawn Hot Air Balloons
Balloons begin ascent before the sun rises
Special Shapes prepare for ascent
Special Shapes prepare for ascent

Crowds enjoy close view of balloons
Large crowds enjoy getting up close to watch the balloons take off

Balloons seen from hill
A nearby hill provides a great view of special shapes

Balloon on Ground
Balloons are laid out on ground over a tarp

Blowing air into balloon
Blowing air into balloon

Sightseeing Balloons
Sightseeing balloons prepare to take off

Noah's Ark
Looking up at Noah's Ark

Creamland's Cow
Blowing up Creamland's Cow

Creamland Cow in flight
Creamland cow in flight