Lech & Oberlech , Austria    -    Vacation  February 2006
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Oberlech Panorama
Skiers gather at outdoor restaurants between ski runs - Oberlech, Austria February, 2006

Burg Hotel with skiers
Music & drinks from the Burg Hotel
outdoor snow level bar attract skiers
Burg Hotel Terrace
Other skiers enjoy lunch in the Burg Hotel
outdoor terrace (View from our room)
Oberlech Gondola
Oberlech gondola carries skiers, tobogganers
and hotel guests between Lech and Oberlech
Judy toboggans
Judy enjoys the 1.2 km toboggan run from
Oberlech down to Lech after a day of skiing
Lech from Gondola
Lech - view from gondola early in morning
Lech in afternoon
Lech in the afternoon

Hotel Tannbergerhof in Lech
Skiers gather at outdoor bars in Lech

Restaurant with old wooden siding in Lech
Restaurant with old wooden siding in Lech
Horses in Lech
Horses wait to pull carriages from Lech to Zurs
Hotel with painted walls
Hotel in Lech with painted walls
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