Amelia Grace Place is open - everyone can play!
Playground in memory of Amelia Grace Young

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Amelia Grace Place Main Area
Amelia Grace Place Opening Day December 5, 2008
Handicap ramps go to the highest levels of the play structure

The Amelia Grace Place at Rockport Elementary School offically opened. Students came out at recess and squealed with delight as they ran on the ramps, tested the slides, hopped on the wave machine and checked out the entire new playground. Two years after Amelia's untimely death from a seizure at the age of 10, a playground in her memory is a reality. Over 250 individual contributors have lent their support to help fund the playground. In addition there have been numerous fund raisers by generous local organizations. Amelia's parents, Scott and Julie Young loaned the Amelia Grace Playground Fund, Inc. a very substantial amount of money to complete the playground this year. Fund raising continues to defray the costs. This is one of the largest handicapped accessible playgounds in the Northeast. A wheelchair ramp goes to the very top of the structure with activities for wheelchair bound children on each level. All children, from any town, are welcome to use the playground when school is not in session.
Contributions may be made to
Amelia Grace Playground Fund, Inc.
Granite Savings Bank
P.O. Box 180
Rockport, MA 01966-180
Amelia Grace Playground Fund, Inc is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation, so all deductions are fully tax deductable.

Mia on swing
Amelia swinging at Grammy's house
Swings for older handicapped children
Amelia would have loved these swings!
Main entrance to Ameilia Grace Place
Entrance to Amelia Grace Playground
Amelia Grace Place
A place for all children to play
The Wave
The Wave
Activity Net
Activity Climbing Net