Circle Garden July 21, 2004
Close up of Circle Garden July 21, 2004

Large Views of Circle Garden


Circle Garden view towards back yard
Circle Garden View towards back yard
July 21, 2004
View of Circle Garden toward Tool Shed
Circle Garden view toward tool shed
July 21, 2004
I have a cottage style circle garden. I try to remember to look for selfseeding annuals and perennials each spring when I weed my flower bed. Many of the purple and white annuals you see above the gaillardia were pulled up as weeds before a few of them grew tall enough for me to remember that they were little flowers- fortunately it was a great year and many survived. In my initial enthusiasm when I started my gardens, all my gardens were seeding gardens. I soon realized that even using weed preventers I could not have a life beyond gardening if did not mulch most of my gardens.
I hate to throw seedlings into the mulch pile, so many of my other gardens were inpired by finding a place for seedlings from my circle garden. Most years I end up with a lot more coreopsis than the year before, but this winter I had a net loss of coreopsis. On the other hand, my purple liatris and cushion spurge multiplied profusely.
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